Monday, June 15, 2015

Aishiteru Kiss Kawaii Giveaway [CLOSED]

Finally! I can host a giveaway!
This giveaway is to celebrate my favorite month of the year! JUNE!
And it was also my birthday 3 days ago!

Beware of the over-used "kawaii" word in this post. lol
Yay! Yay! First giveaway!

This is my very first blog giveaway after years of blogging. (Some old posts already deleted, hehe) And I'm really happy that I finally able to share my joy and happiness of blogging to everyone through this giveaway! I really love blogging, it's a really fun thing to do. And I'm really grateful to those small group of people who always reading my blog.

I have trouble when I tried to use So I have to do this the old ways. So, please read all the rules carefully. I hope you love this mini giveaway!






So, here all the prizes!

1. Kawaii Rilakkuma Stickers
This is tooooo kawaii to resist! So I just bought it without further thinking ,,>_>,,

2. Kawaii Masking Tape Sets
It's gonna be fun to decorate all your stuff with these kawaii washi tapes! ^^

3. Colorful Scotch Expressions Tapes
4. Kawaii Puppy Sticky Notes
Scotch Tapes are also fun to use to decorate your stationary or even your gadgets! And as a sticky notes lover, I'm pretty sure you wont miss your important notes thanks to this kawaii puppy! Can't ignore his silly face XD

5. Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black
As a Dolly Wink lover, this item is a must on my giveaway! This is one of the best eyeliner I ever have! I love it to the moon and back! And would really love to share about this awesome product with everyone!

Extra: Kawaii Pink Pouch
Yess! All those prizes will be sent inside this kawaii multi-function pouch! you can use it too keep your stationary, your make up, or anything!





There will be 2 lucky winners. And this is how you can join this giveaway:

For Blog Winner:
1. Must follow my blog - Just simply click "Join This Site" button on my sidebar!
2. Must leave a comment - Tell me which prize you like the most and why! Can be more than one! 

For Instagram Winner:
1. Must follow my Instagram account @davinanathania *which you can unfollow later haha*
2. Must Repost my Instagram post about this giveaway and use #aishiterukisskawaiigiveaway and mention @davinanathania in the caption
3. Must mention/tag 3 of your friends who may be interested to join too
Please do not: tag me on the picture and do not private your account.

Extra entries to win:
Post this giveaway banner on your Blog's sidebar with link to this post
(+2, leave your blog url in the comment)

Giveaway Rules & Disclaimer:
- There will be 2 winners, blog winner and instagram winner. And each winner get exact same prizes!
- Giveaway accounts and fake accounts will be disqualified.
- This is not a sponsored giveaway, all prizes bought by my own pocket-money.
- This giveaway is for INDONESIA ONLY (I'm not sure about shipping to another country)
- This giveaway will ends on July 16th 2015 at 23.59 (UTC+07:00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta





That's all!
I choose all the prizes myself. And I tried to choose the most kawaii and useful things for everyone! I hope everyone can be kawaii, be creative, and be happy with all these prizes! ^^ 

Once again, thank you for reading and good luck! Have fun! ^^

* * * UPDATE 18th July 2015 * * *
Click here to see my review about this Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner and the lucky winners. :)

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  1. Wheeee~ Such kawaii giveaway! I don't mind of the overused Kawaii~~!
    I'm joining! I'm joining!

    I want the Dolly Wink eyeliner the most~~! It has been a while since I wanted to buy Dolly Wink eyeliner; and I am still allocating my limited money to something else. So I think I want it the most ♥_♥

    And I put the banner on my blog sidebar as well.

    Also, HAPPYYYY BIRTHDAYYYY~~! I'm sorry that it's a late wish; all the best for you~ Keep blogging~ And keep in touch ya! Hugs and Muahs ♥ ♥

    1. Thank you Konayachi~~ ^^ You too! Keep blogging! <3

      It's really funny how long we've been stuck in this world and in this.. (how to describe it..) geek friendship? xD

      Good luck! xoxo!

  2. I want dolly wink liquid eyeliner in deep black because katanya eyeliner ini bagus banget dan aku belum kesampaian beli sampai sekarang..
    Semoga dengan ikutan giveaway ini jadi bisa mencoba dan bisa review juga diblog aku yg baru. ;)

    Happy birthday sista.. ^^

    1. Thank you Rima!

      Semoga dapet yahh ^^ Good luck! Keep blogging! And keep in touch!

      <3 <3

  3. Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner plese hehehe
    Eyeliner ini bagus banget soalnya ^^
    Kalo nggak Kawaii masking tape set nya, lagi suka banget sama stationary dan jatuh hati seketika begitu liat masking tape nya

    I put banner on my blog

    Happy birthday dear ^^
    Wish u all the best. GBU

    1. Thank you Vania!

      Iya masking tapenya lucu banget! ^^ Bisa dipake buat deco macem-macem! Hoho!

      Good luck yah! Semoga dapett!


  4. Aaaah~~ Happy birthday to you ! Wish you always healthy and happy !

    I join this cute giveaway ya. I've been looking for opportunity to try the Dolly Wink eyeliner. Most beauty bloggers recommend this product to try out <3 So it have been my beauty wishlist since a long time ago. I wish I get the chance to review this product <3

    Another cute thing that I've been into it these days is sticky/tape notes. I love to window shopping in every stationery here in my place. Sometimes I bought a bunch of sticky notes without realizing. I'm very happy to use the Kawaii masking tape sets !

    Here I placed the giveaway picture and link on my blog

    1. Thank you for the wishes Liliana ^^

      Yess, really can't leave stationary shop without buying anything xD

      Thankyou for joining and good luckk!! ^x^

  5. Halo?
    Nggak sengaja aku tersesat disini (: seperti kamu suka anything kawaii ( aku liat dari hadiahnya) ~ pas banget. Moga kedepannya bisa lebih banyak sharing "kawaii" biar aku sering" main kesini ♡ lol

    Hadiah yang aku mau adalah dolly wink.
    Yes, aku udaahh ngincer dan suka banget dari dulu. Tapi nggak kebeli karena aku terkena virus skincare, jadinya skip deh beli dolly wink.
    Aku suka karena banyak para beauty blogger or youtuber yang pakai ini buat make-up kawaii dan gyaru. Mungkin skrg mereka lebih jatuh ke kawaii makeup ke banding gyaru.
    Aku salah satu pecinta kawaii~ and japan walau nggak aku tonjolkan. ahaha
    Anyway Tsubasa masuwaka sempet jadi inspirasi makeupku, yang kita tau dia adalah model cantik sekaligus orang di balik dolly wink ini.
    Anyway dollywink tuh produk rekomen dan must have buat pecinta jepang and anything kawaii~ by-the-way kalau kamu suka kawaii juga Aku akan senang sekali membaca blog kamu, (:
    Dan kenapa aku ingin banget, karena banyak review positif nya~ nggak usah ku jelasin disni panjang" ya gimana bagusnya dolly wink.xD yang pecinta kawaii pasti dah tau.

    GFC : rei stilldoll

    Wish me luck ♡

    1. Hallo Rei!

      Kalau aku sampai sekarang suka banget sama Tsubasa. Buat aku dia inspiring. ^^ makanya aku juga suka banget sama produk-produk dari dia.

      Thankyou untuk supportnya, pasti bakal post lebih banyak yang kawaii ! ^^ Keep in touchh and Good luckkk!! ^O^/

  6. semangat banget baca2 lihat2 yang kawaii2 :D
    aku milih puppy sticky notes! soalnya lucu bentuknya kayaknya lebih semangat nulis note dari biasanya. aku pelupa orangnya dan punya setumpuk sticky notes yg biasa aja jadi bikin ga semangat nulis di sana :( terus lihat puppy stick notes ini kawaii syekaleee aku milih ini ^^

    1. Hai Rahmii,

      Iyaaa memang hal-hal berbau kawaii selalu bikin semangat ^^ Makanya aku pilih si sticky notes ini biar lucu, haha supaya eye-catching kalo nulis yang penting2. Hoho!

  7. Kak kawaii sekaliiii giveaway nya >< semoga making keren deh blog + instagramnya. Stay beautiful xx

    1. Thankyou Essa!

      You too! Stay beautifull! ^^ <3

  8. Such a lovely post! I follow you on GFC :) Can you follow me back?
    Kisses from Turkey :*


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