Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pink Glitter Nail and Tips

Disclaimer: This is not a tutorial post!
Just want to share the products that I use for this nail art. I hope this can be helpful for everyone ^^

Kinda excited to do nail art after watching some nail art videos and pictures from Instagram. Moreover, I have lots of nail products that I haven't used yet. So, why not?? 

Let's start!
1. Nail Polishes and Top Coat
Glitter polish, Pink polish, and Topcoat. Easy!

From Left to Right:

❋ Etude House Play Nail 118 #PK025
It's a pinkish transparent nail polish with pinkish glitters. *hmmm* Forgot the price. Haha! I think it was around 80.000 IDR - 100.000 IDR. The glitters turned out just like what I expected. So, worth it!

❋ Maybelline Color Show Coral Craze 211
Super pigmented color and cheeeeeeeaaaaaaap! Only 30.000 IDR!

❋ The Face Shop Trendy Nails
Not sure if base coat or top coat. But I used it for top coat to add more glaze and protect the colors! Totally forgot the price. ;P

Closer look~

You can see the glitter here, I only use glitter polish on this thumb-nail. Pretty eh?? Intended to make a glittery diagonal ombre line *Whut? Uhh I don't know how to explain. I hope you understand.*

2. Nail Sticker
Ordered this form @tutu_nail on Instagram.

It was on promo, so I got the nail buffer too! Not sure if they still sell this design or not tho. Since, I bought it when they first open...LOOOOOOONGG TIME AGO! Haha! Finally use, one.

Small~ and square~ and a little bit fat(?).

Look how cute those nails! *ehm* I only need one nail sticker for two nails! Haha~ How convenient *cinapelit*. I don't remember the price. Probably 30.000 IDR ?

I think, nail stickers are really fun to use, with many designs. Also, really easy to apply. Just be creative! *Like me! HAHA*

Here's the finished look! :D
Lalalalala~ Literally can't stop staring at my own nails these days.

Love the glitters! Gonna do more experiments!

And here some might-be-useful-tips for you:
1. Cold water for fast dry nail
Do this while you watch Frozen! :p

After I apply first layer of nail polish, I dip my fingers into a bowl of cold water for 1 to 2 minutes. Then, I dry my hands/fingers/nails with towel (gently!) and apply next layer of nail polish after that. Repeat, until finished!

Or, you can try other methods too! You can find more ways from this video 5 Ways To Dry Your Nails Fast! by Cutepolish. Though, I personally won't recommend using lots of ice cubes like in the video. You gonna make your fingers numb. One or two with cold water should be enough.

2. Removing the glitters
 Use nail remover, duh! Haha!

Jk! Jk! Actually, not really, there's easier way to remove it. You can using something like Gel Acetone? But, I think you won't find it here in Indonesia. *HAHA troll* Check Cutepolish video on YouTube: NEW & EASIER Way to Remove Glitter Nail Polish?! to find out more about this magical product.

Aaanndd~~ That's all! Be creative and playful with glitters! In my opinion, transparent glitter nail polishes are the most easiest nail polish to apply for beginner. And the most kawaii~~! ^O^ Go for it!

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Back to reality. Now, I should study for my exam tomorrow. I hate Accounting T^T


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