Monday, April 20, 2015

Natural Look for Party - My Make Up List

Here's another boring post! Gonna blabbering about make ups this time!
WOHOO! *justgirlsthings*

This is my attempt to do beauty and make up post! Hope you enjoy it and find it helpful!

This are the look I have for my friend's wedding party.
Here's the final look.. Which is really.. natural.. lel..

And here's the list of products that I use:

1. L'Occitane Sublime Beauty Cream - BB Cream (02 Medium)
My sis introduced me to this products. And I love this BB Cream so much. The thing I love the most about this products is that it's feels soo natural on my skin. And the color blend very well with my skin tone. The only thing that lack from this product is that it's quite pricey. Hehe.. I also hope they have smaller tube since, I rarely use BB Cream they expired before I'm able to use all.

2. Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One - Cake Powder (02 Nude Beige)
Maybelline is one of my favorite drug store make up brand. I just need to apply a thin layer to my face using brush. My face is kinda oily, so this powder really helps. And also, this color suits my skin tone really well.

3. Revlon Highliting Pallete (030 Bronze Glow)
I use this product as a bronzer and highlighter! This is how I save more. Well not really though, actually, I bought this for my mom as a Christmas gift last year. Heheh

3. Eye make Ups and Blusher
From the left: Dolly Wink Long Mascara in Black, Dolly Wink Volume Mascara in Black, Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Black, Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil in Brown Chocolat, Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blushes in Peachy Sweetie, and Maybelline Hyper Diamonds - Eye Color Pallet (BR-1).

As you maybe(?) already know, I'm a Dolly Wink geek! So, yeah, I love them so much!

4. Maybelline Baby Lips Color (Pink Lolita) and NYX Butter Gloss (BLG06 Peach Cobbler)
I applied Baby Lips first before the Butter Gloss to prevent dry lips. Not sure if that's the right way to do it. But it works for me. Since I take the picture after the party, the lips part already erased haha!

And for narcissism purposes:
I think I applied everything way to thin.. -__-'''

So, what do you think about this look??

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  1. Well, less is better! Especially in makeup (in my opinion though) I am only okay with heavy makeup for special occasions which needs heavy look to be noticed. Though sometimes I think natural makeup for my own wedding party is okay--I saw lots of people abroad are getting married with the simplest makeup they could have. XD Anyway keep the good job up! Andddd; I need to learn doing this makeup thing~ ;__;

    1. Thankyou konayachi!! Yes, I thought so too. Esp because I rarely do make up, i think natural is better for now. Or else I could make my friends run when they see me with heavy makeup xD lel

      Just do some experiments when you have nothing to do? I think Japanese make up is kinda good for starter.. The natural one.. ^^


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