Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Word "Haters"

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So, what is your definition of "poor" ?

Since it's starting to become overused everywhere, I'm just gonna leave my thoughts here:






So, is it:
a. Real haters
b. It's only in my imagination haters

If it's:
a. Just listen and try to not hate them back
b. You're nuts and better go get some help, seriously!

I think haters have their own reasons. We can't make everyone happy, aren't we?

Don't be reflection of them.

I also think that people who criticize us is not necessarily our haters. Okeyy? So, grow up! Be wiser! And think thousand times before said someone is a hater. Stop wasting your time thinking about haters that not even exist. DUH!

Stop brainwash-ing yourself!
*#notetomyself because I'm one of those weirdos that have imagination haters sometimes.. :')*

Everyone has something or someone that they dislike. And that is my friend what we called normal. And to hate is the next step of it! You're gonna need a lot of emotions energy to pull this one out.
Uh, what? Wait? you don't have anything you hate? You mean you love everything and everyone? Such weirdo! BOO!

Normally, I hate you! but really, it's just wasting my time...

Here's a stupid example as an illustration:
*at least, I tried*

I don't like eating crabs, because it's makes me feel dizzy every time I try to eat it. But, I don't hate crabs! I'm not gonna go nuts and grab a knife and stab them furiously when I see them chilling on the beach or curse them for being crab. *Whaaaaatt?? Leave the crabs alone!*

Poor mondays.. and working.. So many people hate them.

Well the point of all of this is: First, we're more than welcome to dislike anything and to hate everyone or even detest the whole galaxy. FEEL FREE TO BE HATERS! But, we should really stop being mean to others. Start being a kind hater or just shut up. Second, better not judge people so quickly! Criticizing not necessarily hating.

For our-self and all the haters!

Spread love not hate!
I'm still working on it too! :D

And here's a not-related-at-all-to-this-post-but-since-it's-my-blog-I-can-do-whatever-I-like picture.






Bad english. Don't take it seriously..

Can you guess the word? :D

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  1. I love my haters! I love the fact that I have the honour to occupy some space in their tiny heads ;)


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