Monday, December 22, 2014

Jolly Christmas! Girls Night Out!

Saturday nite celebrating Christmas with besties at Ninety Nine! Yay!

It was a cozy place to chill. And the foods were delicious! My tummy say YUMMY! We then, do the exchange gift after we finish our food.

warning: overrated "lol" usage






For the exchange, we decided to do a lottery by writing our names in small papers. But then, stupidly, we kept getting our own names THREE TIMES in-a-row! LOL! It was totally hilarious! We burst out laughing! *Not elegant at all... Or maybe just me?*

Finally! Look at those happy faces! :D

After long time not see each others, we're totally not gonna skip the selfie activity! You're welcome to mock our stupid faces. Lol!

 Because beauty selfie is soooooo main-stream! Lol

And suddenly, in the middle of nowhere, a wild kid appear and photo-bombing us! AND AGAIN, we laugh out hard after that. Lol

Can you see him coming?? HAHAHAHAHA!!

It was, really fun! Miss talking with them. they always inspired me! Really grateful to have them! 

Some normal looking pose. XD

Exchange gifts was really fun! But in the end, the most valuable gift we get on that day was our jolly time together! (,,^^,,)

 Strawberries on my shortcake ❤ ❤ Beyond blessed!

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  1. Terlihat sangat menyenangkan. :D

    Memang asik hangout bersama sahabat :)

  2. lol lol lol!
    Hello Vivin~~ Merry christmas and Happy new year! (very very late)

    You look so cute *O* are you staying in Jakarta now? teehee :Dc

    1. Whoop Whoop! Thankyou konayachii! ^^

      Yes I'm staying at jakarta.. tangerang to be exact hahaha


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