Saturday, December 6, 2014

Alive and Well

It's been a while since my last post. Six months! HA!

Yes, I'm alive and well. Everything is went well for me in the past few months.






I resigned from my part-time job at my previous uni and start working on my big bro's company. Yaaay~~!

I resigned because, as a part-timer I realize that I won't be going anywhere in my carrier life if I keep working in that office. I'm not saying that the office is bad, instead it was kinda fun working there. I just don't feel like a belong to work there. Moreover, I can't be a full-time staff since I don't have any degree yet. 

Me in action! Haha boyfie took this picture of me when he visited me. Miss that messy desk sometimes. Haha.

ANYWAY! Like I said, currently I'm working at my bro's company. It's a small company. But, I hope I can learn more new things here. HOHO! And I just cut my finger badly last week! *ouch* XD

Blood everywheree! HAHA! Thank you boyfie for this cute bandage! XD

Next thing I want to share is about my uni-life! YES! I'm a Uni student now! *again? or finally?*
Instead of applying to the same uni I was, I applied to another uni instead. My dream uni of all time since graduate high school! And YES I GET ACCEPTED! YAAY!! It's been a very rough and dark years of my life. And I am more than happy to be back as a student again. It's never to late to get your degree, right? Hahaha!

Preparing myself for exam. Naah just kidding, I'm not, can't concentrate thanks to instagram and facebook. :')

I love Dolly Wink yeaayy~! ^^ This is my second attempt to join Kay Collection's instagram competition. But after days past and the end of the competition is already near, I don't think I'll be able to beat other competitors. But then, I'm so thankful to everyone that already like my picture and support me! Heehee! Love ya!

Haha silly face and crappy make up. So noob.. :') Never say too much eye make ups!

Listening to Breathe by Talor Swift while doing this is totally nostalgic for me. Ahh.. Love blogging sooo much. Gonna do this more often! Yay!

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